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Quote of the Day

Wednesday 9 December 2009

BOB.ldr.Bobby - "Monkey you Idiot! Now we have to start again!"

BOB.ldr.Bobby - "The (GM) Nubs are late for their own funeral."


Sunday 13 December 2009

BOB.sir.Lance - "Lion! You and me gonna duel SON!!"


Tuesday 15 December 2009

BOB.ldr.Bobby - "Bored? Join BOB!"


Thursday 17 December 2009 - "Bobby I can't c ur server... :/"


Wednesday 23 December 2009

BOB.term.99pie -  "Im too fly for a piece of pie"


Thursday 7 January 2010

BOB.ldr.Alan - "LoL Lion, may i suggest a present?!?"

BOB.ldr.Chuck Norris - "Unicorns are real, they're just fat and gray and we call them rhinos."


Friday  5 February 2010

BOB.sir.Metal - "Did you know? I am a SPOON!"


Monday 8 February 2010

BOB.merc.Thorrr - "Good day to be a american, bad day to be a chicken"


Tuesday 9 February 2010

BOB.dpm.Sauce - " BOOM HEADShot LION!!!!! Boom!"


Sunday 14 February 2010 - "ring me? weird british talk"


Friday 25 February 2010

(zoo).mst.Tiger - "easy as pie...and pie IS EASY!"


Sunday 7 March 2010

BOB.ldr.Metal - "extract from: the book of metals, plastics and alans"


Sunday 14 March 2010

BOB.ldr.Metal - "A kamikaze a day makes you go away!"


Sunday 28 March 2010

BOB.mop.Phantom - "I do know my abc's.... abcqoplmzyuw..."


Monday 29 March 2010

BOB.merc.Bacon - "a headshot a day keeps the rebels away"


Friday 2 April 2010

BOB.ldr.Metal - "I hope BOB carries on being awesome in the months and/or years to come."


Friday 30 April 2010

BOB.sir.Julius - "Oh and i am not a banana, Metal told me that you said so, xDDDD"


Saturday 1 May 2010

Tiger - "You should still be the great leader you were born to be"


Thursday 6 May 2010

BOB.sir.Dynasty - "We got a new member , BOB.merc. (don't remember the name xD ) I will ask him .. "


Tuesday 11 May 2010 - "Still being outnoobed by the headnoob (That's Alan)."


Sunday 23 May 2010

BOB.ldr.Alan - "Headshots are better than awards... right?!?"


Saturday 5 June 2010

BOB.sir.Phantom - "Yes, i have 2ndNoob rank, but only in BOB servers because Alan is a killjoy"


Saturday 28 August 2010

BOB.dpm.Julius - "You thought you got rid of me didn't you?? But you can't get away from julius!!!!"



Monday 3 Januray 2011 

BOB.sir. Lion - "did Farther Chewbaca visit your this year? he put a crossbow blaster in my stocking!!!"


Tuesday 4 January 2011

BOB.ldr.Chuck Norris - "fruit salad is delightful"


Wednesday 8 June 2011

BOB.term.Remix - "Chuck we should fight we need to pwn each other instead of me failing against you :D"


Friday 8 July 2011

BOB.ldr.Phantom - "The treat is a password that unlocks all your dreams..."


Sunday 10 June 2012

BOB.ldr.Phantom - "Give me any excuse to put something on this page."


Wednesday 2 October 2013

BOB.ldr.Phantom - "You should really look at the bottom of the Games page.  Not this page.  This is the page that I use for my random quotes of the year.  Notice how there's only one quote every year for 2 years."


Saturday 5 April 2014

BOB.ldr.~LION~- "It's good to be back! I'm just thinking about all those presents i've missed."


Monday 21 April 2014

Mr.Sam: but seriously you're an american?
-={1.0}=-Phaƞtom (BØB): Yes, seriously i am
Mr.Sam: i always imagined a morgan freeman with a british accent when i was reading your sentences


Saturday 24 May 2014

Klexmer - "We had 7 BOBs online today! That's almost 4 pairs of boobs!"

LION - "Hey Sauce, remind me to change your message to 'I am so Saucey, my enemies find it hard to ketch-up with me!'"


Saturday 16 August 2014

Scenario: We are winning on Arena vs FC in ICW4.  LION says something to FC.

BOB.ldr.Phantom - "LION shut up"


Tuesday 21 April 2015

Rem!x - "Boy, I wish I was on this page more often for a cool quote... I know!!  I'm Chuck Norris!  That's better than 40 quotes on here (which is what Phantom has)."

The Ghost of BOB.ldr.Chuck - Delivers a perfect roundhouse kick that will randomly kill Rem!x in-game the next time he plays Battlefront.

Monday 27 April 2015

Klexmer (Talking about Bream) - "Everytime I see him he asks me if BOB is hibernating lol"