The BOBclan 

Tradition Never Ends

Members Of The BOBclan                                                         

Not seeing your name on the list? You were probably retired for inactivity, please post on the guestbook to rejoin.

Leaders (ldr.)


BOB.ldr.Sauce (!)



Diplomats (dpm.)

BOB.dpm.Julius (!)

Knights (sir.)

BOB.sir.Bobby (!)

BOB.sir.Fire (!)

BOB.sir.IT (!)

BOB.sir.Klexmer (!)

Professionals (pro.) (!) (!)

Terminators (term.)

BOB.term.Alan (!)


Master of Pwnage (mop.)

BOB.mop.Cal-Hawk/Red Robin Hood

BOB.mop.LeLoup (!)

Mercenaries (merc.)

BOB.merc.Chuck (!)

BOB.merc.Lannister (!)

BOB.merc.Ltin (!)

BOB.merc.PilotGus (!)

Churro (chur.)

BOB.chur.Battlefield (!)

The official BOBclan Mascot

Updated 10/11/17

(!) = Legacy or Special Retired Member

(!) = Inactive member, in danger of being dropped from the roster.