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The History of the BOBclan


 The BOBclan

October 19 2008 - Present

Generation I     Generation II     Generation III

Generation IV     Generation V     Generation VI     Generation VII

Generation VIII    Generation IX    Generation X    Generation XI

The BOBclan was founded by Bobby on October 18, 2008. Bobby had previously been a member of the DB clan until the leader stopped playing. Being ambitious with no thought of what lay ahead of him, Bobby then decided to create his own clan. Although the BOBclan was created for a laugh (hense the name) it has become a success. After its creation, Bobby decided that the BOBclan would be open to anyone willing to join. It became a fun, training clan in which members could get to know one another and improve while doing so. Below is information on the generations of the clan.


Generation I  October 18 2008 - December 31 2008  [3 Months]

Generation II  January 1 2009 - May 31 2009 [5 Months]

Generation III  June 1 2009 - December 31 2009 [7 Months]

Generation IV  January 1 2010 - June 30 2010 [6 Months]

Generation V  July 1 2010 - August 31 2010 [2 Months]

Generation VI  September 1 2010 - March 31 2011 [7 Months]

Generation VII   April 1 2011 - August 31 2011  [5 Months]

Generation VIII    September 1 2011 - December 31 2011   [4 Months]

Generation IX   January 1 2012 - December 31 2012  [12 months] 

Generation X   January 1 2013 - September 31 2013   [9 months]

Generation XI  October 1 2013 - July 31 2014  [10 months]

As of 2017, I think that the old generation system is done.  I will do a write-up for Generation XII in the old style, but then we will provide periodic historical updates.  I do not know how many updates will be left - Star Wars Battlefront 1 is from 2004, and is not really gaining many new players.  BOB will still be around, whether in reality or spirit.


Generation I 

October 18 2008 - December 31 2008

Written by Bobby

   The BOBclan began with only me. My initial idea was to create a clan where all members could have fun and enjoy themselves. As I set out to begin my clan, I decided that I would take in anyone, no matter how 'skilled' they were. This method of recruitment proved hard within the first month or so of creating the clan. By the start of November, I had recruited only three members (Sharpy, Wedge and Yomama). I simply asked them; "Would you like to join my clan?" - If a response was given, I would then direct the member to the clan site. To keep members keen and active, I gave out frequent promotions, for no reason other than the fact that I was pleased to see them ingame. This method of instant promotion was put on hold when a BOBclan member questioned me. This member would go on to become one of the most valued clan members to date, known then as Chuck Norris. After considering what Chuck had to say, I realised, members should be awarded promotions. More importantly, they should earn their promotions. To ensure that BOBclan members earned their promotions, I began to help members improve their gameplay, simply teaching them the basic tactics and skills that I knew at that current time. It was not much but it still gave the members something to work for. Spanning across a period of only two and a half months, the BOBclan became well known with other clans within its first Generation. It became known with particular clans such as FREZ (at that time, the largest clan in the game), TWC, GOB and The Freelancer Consortium [FC]. Although The BOBclan grew close to clans such as GOB and TWC, it gained the opposite effect towards The [FC], particularly its leader, Rage. As a result, the clan fought a war against them which, sadly, resulted in a loss for the BOBclan. Many clans thought that this would be the end for the BOBclan, thankfully, it was not. This war had brought players closely together and thus began "Training Servers". These servers, usually hosted by myself, were the one chance that a BOBclan member would see another. These servers proved to become a success and helped to improve the gameplay of many members. Generation I was where it all began...


Generation II

January 1 2009 - May 31 2009

Written by Bobby and Chuck Norris

Generation II began with a definitive surge of new recruits (in order - Monkey, Flavio, Champ, Metal and 99pie), this gave the BOBclan a chance to begin focus on the gameplay and tactics within Star Wars: Battlefront. Before this method of training began, members mostly used the rocket class; until the sniper class was introduced on Cloud City. With Chuck Norris now as a leader alongside Bobby, the clan steadily grew upwards in size and strength. The everlasting fued between The [FC] went on, with the clan now split in two. [FC] leaders Rage and Shadow moved to a new clan known as Mercenary Coalition -MC- and so the argument progressed to that clan instead. A few weeks in to January, BOBclan members Death and Monkey recruited Sparky. Sparky seemed a wise and keen member of the clan, always pointing out new tactics and skills. These hinters were greatly appreciated by the clan, who, at this time, were growing in skill. Sparky was active and eager to rise up the ranks. BOBclan leaders Chuck and Bobby did not question his hunger for power and simply admired his work. It was not until January 26, 2009 that his true motive was unfolded, when the original BOBclan website was hacked by Rage and Sparky (who had turned out to be -MC-Ldr.Shadow). All contact and trace to every BOBclan member other than Chuck, Bobby and Razor (now known as Immortal) was lost. Amazingly, the day after the terrible ordeal had occured, nearly every clan member had been found. Razor must have much credit for finding almost all the members within just a few hours. The clan got back on its feet and began to rise as before. Around February 2009, more members joined the clan, most of whom were recruited by Chuck; SHEEP, Willobob, Zone and Venray. It was at this time that clans in 1.0 began to fade. Formerly large clans such as GOB and TWC closed. Other clans; Wusi and BW (a combination of [FC] and MC) moved to 1.2. The BOBclan was also among the clans motivated by the increase of 1.2 and was branched off as the BOB Elites there. The BOB Elites was led off by former BOBclan leader Chuck Norris. It remained for two months and then closed down. The BOBclan was then settled on 1.0. New clans such as {FD} and [NJ] began and the BOBclan was placed at the top in both skill and numbers of clans on 1.0. If members of Generation II thought that the gaming levels were good in their Generation, they hadn't seen nothing yet...


Generation III

June 1 2009 - December 31 2009

Written by Alan and Bobby

Generation III is currently the longest Generation of the clan, lasting for 7 months and gaining more than forty members. Generation III saw the introduction of four BOBclan leaders, all of whom were part of Generation II as well; Venray, Rocketo, Alan and Steve. Among the new leaders came many new members, these members include Tsunade, Sauce and Lance, all recruited during the summer period. These three members became the new breed of members, bringing fun and humour into their gameplay. Generation III saw the departure of two long-running members who had made it to leader; Flavio left the clan after 7 months in July and Venray left the clan after 8 months in September. The Generation also saw the rise and fall of another great leader, Rocketo. Rocketo joined the clan towards the end of Generation II. His activity and skill increased throughout Generation III and soon, he was brought up to the leader rank. In late July, he mysteriously disappeared for a few weeks and later returned to his former duties. Rocketo helped many members in the clan improve; mainly Alan, Bobby and Sparrow. He did, however, disappear for a second time, unfortunately, without a return. Rocketo has neither been seen nor heard from since September. With the permanent absense of Rocketo and the lack of leaders, Alan was given a leadership position alongside Bobby. The two leaders remained a duo for a couple of months until the next idea came; the clan Diplomat. Many arguments and disputes erupted over who should and who could become the Diplomat (The Diplomat's job is to arrange wars and alliances with other clans). Alan and Bobby then decided that they would pick the clan Diplomat and this position went to a very keen Sauce. Sauce's effort and will power towards working as the clan Diplomat have been outstanding, scheduling clan wars almost weekly. The idea of a Diplomat, which started out as just an advert for the Guestbook has proven to be a success. At the very end of Generation III and to everyone's joy, an old clan member returned. Metal. Bringing sarcasm, quirks and madness, Metal rejoined the clan with a positive attitude that brought him all the way up to knight before the Generation was over. The final event to occur during Generation III was the creation of the BOBclan Club. The Club, consisting of Knights, Leaders and the Diplomat enable members to make decisions for the future of the clan together. The BOBclan Club have general discussions with one another on a hidden page, based on the clan site. Generation III had proven to be the most successful period for the clan, now it is time to take things up to the next level...


Generation IV

January 1 2010 - June 30 2010

Written by Alan

Generation IV lasted for five months. As with any Generation, new members joined the clan in order to keep it active and alive. As the months of January to June are a busy time for many members (due to school, exams and newer game releases), the clan had recurring surges of new members, most of whom drifted away shortly after being recruited. Most of the clan members still existing from earlier generations stayed active during Generation IV but as they had other commitments, they were unable to play as much as hoped. Many new clans were created, most fell but some stayed active; even BOB faced her end, since there were very few posts for weeks on occasion and some members were very rarely seen online. In the spirit of good membership, the BOBclan leaders were unable to let that happen. Big servers were hold during the first two months and they were full of members who had fun. But... the only problem was that members from other clans joined and spoilt them, by being angry, unfair, or even by taking Command Posts. In order to prevent this a new pass was made up (by Metal) and all clan members  were informed about this (the password remains anonymous to prevent other clan members joining our servers). In the following three months, Big Servers were not successful and they were barely seen too. What's more, schedules for clan wars were on their way but actually only a few happened. Julius was promoted to diplomat, who is the second diplomat of the clan along with Sauce, in order to arrange clan wars. The number of the diplomats was decided because, when one of diplomats is inactive, the other one can deal with the matters, such as alliances and clan wars. The world now faces a financial crisis and the BOBclan faces a inactiviness crisis. However, things will change during the next Generation, since members will have more free time. With two diplomats in place, it is hoped that regular wars and alliances will be arranged, not only to keep our members active but to give them something to look back on, something to be proud of. We were now on our way to entering the end of the BOBclan, Generation V, The Final Generation...


Generation V

July 1 2010 - August 31 2010

Written by Julius

with Alan and Bobby

Generation V it currently the shortest Generation of the clan lasting only for 2 months. Generation V was supposed to be the last Generation of the clan, so clan founder Bobby decided to bring the former BOBclan leaders back to the clan for the last Generation. Unfortunately the former leaders did not return as they could not be contacted. Due to many complaints from saddened clan members, Bobby apologised for attempting to close the clan and it was decided that the clan should continue for as long as it had active and willing members. Lance became a leader in order to help Alan and Steve run the clan, since Bobby had a problem with his Star Wars Battlefront game and was unable to play. During those two months the clan lost many good members, because of the recreation of an old French clan, named Metal clan. So most of the French members of the BOBclan, expect Steve, moved to that clan. Even after that unfortunate leaving of around 5 members, the BOBclan still had thirty members, but half of them were inactive and in combination with the fact that most members finished their exams and were going on vacation, the clan had around 10 active members for a while. Leaders Alan and Steve struggled to lead the clan while Lance and Bobby were away and so BOB.sir.Phantom was offered a temporary leader position until the three leaders returned to their regular activity. Julius became the clan's second diplomat in Sauce's absense and contiued to prove his loyalty by remaining active and friendly with other clans. The most important event during the time of Generation V was the Big clan War. The BcW was Alan's idea and our clan was decided to organise it during this Generation because more members would be active. Alan, Phantom and Julius were in charge of arranging the wars. Also Phantom made a new Website for the BcW. In this site were announced the clans that were going to fight and the results of the wars. Most clans liked the idea and agreed to participate in the event. Training servers were held everyday (by Julius) in order members to train each other and be ready for the BcW. In the beginning everything was going as planned. However, fights erupted between the participants and the BcW was ruined. The BOBclan members rarely posted on the Guestbook, since most of them were on vacation. Things changed though with the return of an old clan member, Champ. Being mad (with the positive meaning of the word) and willing to help the clan, Champ held the clan active by hosting servers everyday, he named the servers...Tea Party.


Generation VI

September 1 2010 - March 31 2011

Written by Phantom

The sixth Generation of the BOBclan was originally never supposed to happen.  As explained in Generation V history, the clan was supposed to be shut down.  Due to the closeness the BOBclan had with each other, the clan would continue as long as members were active and willing.  The upper echelon (Leaders, Knights, and Professionals, among others) of the BOBclan stayed intact throughout the generation, even with some inactivity periods and some question as to whether the BOBclan still existed.  The one sadness striking the BOBclan was the disappearance of BOB.ldr.Lance during the Generation.  He was retired at the end of March.  Generation VII was marked by the preparation of a tourney (to be played at a later date) and the rise of the Sniper clan {snp} with Hond, Itachi, and former BOB member Money.  The {snp} clan challenged the BOBclan to a battle not long after their forming (see War Archive).  The battle sparked tensions between the clans because of a disputed kill.  Both clans realised soon after that they could work together as allies instead of arguing pointlessly as enemies.  The {snp} clan soon became a formidable clan, marking one of the fastest rises in Battlefront history.  Also, discussed was sending a branch of BOB to 1.2, but due to inactivity and unwillingness to commit, this has not happened as of yet.  The ongoing conflict that BOB has remained neutral in is the [PFA]-{snp} conflict, and the clan will stay that way until further notice.  The BOBclan lives as the longest-tenured clan in 1.0, and hopes to stay that way for a long time.  It is hoped that with Julius conducting normal Friday servers again (just like the "Bobby's Big Servers" of old), the clan hopes to regain activity lost with exams, school, sports, etc.  The clan can only wait for Generation VII...


Generation VII

April 1 2011 - August 31 2011

Written by Phantom

Generation VII lasted 5 months.  At the beginning of the Generation, the BOBclan had many members and the BOBclan was declared alive once more and still one of the best of Battlefront 1.0.  The {snp}-BOB conflict was revived for a short time due to disputed battles, but was resolved by apologies on both sides and hopes to never resurface again.  In the middle of the Generation, inactivity struck the BOBs.  It seemed to be a mirror image of last summer (Generation IV), but the clan still had active members and still carried on the tradition of being a respectable clan.  At the end of July, BOB sent a branch to Battlefront 1.2 and Battlefront 2: Version 1.1.  Leading the 1.2 branch were former 1.0 Leader Chuck and Rem!x.  The clan seemed to be doing well at first, having fun battles nearly every day.  Then, both Chuck and Rem!x resigned from their positions and the BOB 1.2 crumbled.  On Battlefront 2, not much has been heard out of Skillrex (former 1.0 player Darkblaster) or Battlefield (former SL leader) or Rem!x.  As the month of August ended, 5 members currently in the BOBclan Hall of Fame left the clan within a span of 3 days.  Chuck, after being with the clan through thick and thin since Generation I, revolutionizing the BOBclan, decided to leave Battlefront for good.  Flavio, after coming back to Battlefront 1 after a 2 year absence, decided it was time to call it quits on Battlefront 1 for good and move on in life without it.  Julius, one of the best diplomats on Battlefront during his duration as Diplomat, left due to school starting back up and exams coming up.  Steve, one of the nicest players on Battlefront and a great player who made many honorable choices during his time in the clan, left because so many other members had left and he decided to give up the game too.  Alan, who was the longest-tenured leader in the history of BOB and all-around great player and friend, left due to school and exams also.  Some of them are trying to keep in touch and may play again one day, but some have said they do not wish to play anymore and will rarely check the site.  Either way, the BOBclan will keep going, and remember their contributions.  With the departure of these valued members, Bobby stepped back in to his role as a Leader at the beginning of Generation VIII, giving a morale boost to the members left in the clan.  Bobby plans to restart "Bobby's Big Servers" and bring BOB members back together.  The BOBclan lives on, whether clinging or thriving, and plans to stay that way for a long time yet.  They can only wait to see what lies ahead in Generation VIII...


Generation VIII

September 1 2011 - December 31 2011

Written by Phantom

Generation VIII started as a time of rebuilding for the BOBclan. With some of the key members of the BOBclan gone, the clan seemed almost to lose its will to go on. Led by Leaders KinN, DarkR (newly placed to revive the 4 man leadership), Bobby, and Phantom, though, the clan somehow stayed alive, against all odds.  Many asked,"Is the BOBclan still alive?" and indeed it was.  Moving on, though, was an uphill climb.  KinN was the only one able to host a server with any regularity, but even then there were problems seeing any BOBs on.  Clans like ~}PRO{~ and {snp} saw some decline in activity too.  Some days there would be no servers, and it was a dark time for 1.0.  But, through it all, the A.T. clan showed as the top, and kept the game alive through Magician's servers (later would create the United Clans Organization).  There were really not many members recruited during this Generation, and most that were would never show up again, leaving recruiters discouraged. (Wow, this is looking a lot like Alan's depressed Generation IV except for the fact it was written by Phantom).  Can I find something good to say... oh yes.  There's always a bright spot in a Generation.  BOB is still alive and currently the longest-lasting clan on 1.0.  The core group of players stayed together, pressing on, hoping to find an opening for another surge to the top of Battlefront 1.0, and still having fun, just waiting to see what would happen in Generation IX (out of the "V" finally in our numbers)...


 Generation IX and X

January 1 2012 - December 31 2012

January 1 2013 - September 31 2013

Written by Phantom

So, you're sitting there wondering "Why are 2 generations shoved together into one long entry, Phantom?"  Well, there's a good reason behind that.  Some of this is all together in my head, sometimes I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast some mornings.  So bear with me, please.

Generation IX started out as a rebuilding period for the BOBclan.  I sparked the rebuilding with a bold move to ask Led of SWBFgamers, and creator of the PLA clan to host servers on 1.0.  PLA hosted many servers on 1.2, and I figured that possibly he would be willing to expand to the realm of 1.0.  Led agreed to host the servers.  Right away, many SNP signed up (well, it was other people too, but mostly SNP) for SWBFgamers just to protest the servers, stating "Just advertisement, he really doesn't care about us.  We can manage by ourselves."  Then, I was told to tell Led to shut them down.  I really didn't want to, and Led said that he didn't either.  Soon, though, everyone realized that this was for the best.  Back to the rebuilding.  Rebuild the BOBclan did.  We gained many new members across the generation, against all odds.  The BOBclan was back.  Granted, PRO and SNP stayed larger, but the surge of activity created by a 24 hour server surprised other clans.  1.0 still did not contest the activity of 1.2, but it was a vast improvement over the previous situation.  East was promoted to leader during the generation, as Bobby nobly agreed to step down to let East take his spot.  The BOBclan prospered for a short time, old players came back (BOB.term.Alan reopened his present shop for a short time!), and BOB even played small unofficial wars here and there.  Then....

This deserves a paragraph by itself.

No, not that above, this:  November 7 2012, the date the master server went down.  The day we feared had come upon us.  We thought it was just a temporary glitch.  But when it lasted, people started questioning.  Gamespy and GLU representatives were emailed.  Google search engines were filled with the words "gamespy master server down?"  Without warning, Gamespy had ended the life of SWBF1 online.  After many, many upset players vented, a solution was found: Tunngle (and GameRanger, but that didn't work out so well, so we don't mention it).  Tunngle used the only remaining option that worked online: LAN.  Players transitioned over quickly.  Except those with slow internet (me and other slow-internet guys) and those who do not trust new programs or even those who decided this was the time to stop.  The Battlefront community suffered.  On the bright side, 1.0 now rivaled 1.2 in players.  Ok, maybe that's not really that great, considering how many players were lost.  We used Openspy for a while too, but it failed eventually too.  (STAY TUNED, MASTER SERVER ALMOST RECONSTRUCTED AT SWBFGAMERS).

Anyway, clans like PRO and A.T. prospered after the transition.  SNP suffered for a little bit but got back on track.  Us?  Not so much.  We do have some good conversations on the Guestbook, but for the longest time we had almost no active members ingame.  I took up more modding, and stayed involved here and at SWBFgamers.  As far as this time period goes, ask other clans.  They apparently had the biggest battles that 1.0 has had in a LONG time.  I played when I could get my laptop to somewhere with better internet, but times were few and far between.  That changed when the summer of 2013 hit, as the ICW3 rolled around.  SNP and PRO decided to merge into 1 clan in 1.2 (while still being in 1.0 clans).  They decided to include the rest of 1.0 also.  BOB took up the offer to be a member clan and participate in the ICW3.  I made time somehow to play in almost every battle for the newly formed -={1.0}=- clan by dragging my laptop to the nearest place with good internet.  At first, we were bad.  Not many players showed up.  We got crushed.  But, we got much better after that and won many battles.  The ICW3 is still in progress right now.

All in all, I consider the BOBclan to be alive as long as 1 member is still playing (right now that is me).  I hope that we can have at least one more surge of good times together.  Players of old, thank you for making this clan what it was and still is.  Please, come back and say hi.  Hopefully we will play again soon!


Generation XI

October 1 2013 - July 31 2014

 Written by Phantom

Generation XI started as me (Phantom), basically as the only member left in BOB.  I had participated with -={1.0}=- in the ICW3, and then I went back to normal life as the only member in BOB for the next 10 months.

The End. 

Ok, if you believed that, you obviously haven't checked the Guestbook for the last 10 months, and probably should, because you've missed a lot.

 The real history is this: Yes, I started as the only member left in BOB that was active ingame.  Longtime members posted occasionally, but that was it.  I played SWBF with {snp} and ~}PRO{~ and other clans, mostly from 1.2.  A consensus was made between the guys left in the 1.0 version that they should probably just move on to 1.2, where new people were actually coming on Tunngle.  I carried around the name BOB.ldr.Phantom like always.  Then, we got another member!  I got Ice, who I have known personally for a long time, to play Battlefront with me online once in a while.  We had a ton of fun, even though there weren't that many people on when we were.  Life went on for a little bit, and then something I hadn't seen for a long time happened:  we had a resurgence.  Let me give it a name; it was that impressive.  I call it "The Revival of BOB"

Right around the start of 2014, new members joined BOB from the now-dead ~}PRO{~ clan: Klexmer and Astro.  Bringing a surge of activity, some great games, and just being fun, Klexmer and Astro were the first of a wave of players in BOB in the "new era" of SWBF.  Next came Sauce, the awesome Diplomat who disappeared 3 years ago (he did come back for a short time in Generation VII).  Sauce brought an excitement back that had carried over from the old days of BOB, and was very influential during the time, recruiting members and ascending to the rank of leader, which he excelled at.  LION also showed some more activity even though we tried to oust him from the position of leader like fourteen times by demoting him to merc.  Then came Norwood, a new player who started on PS2 then played PC and then found out about Multiplayer and Tunngle and started playing with us, and Astro recruited him.  He ascended the ranks quickly through dedication to the clan and excellent diplomacy and the occasional headshot.  He was eager to help and be involved, so we let him.  So a lot of people joined/rejoined, and there was still that guy named Phantom that hung around and just kind of watched this all unfold and thought "Good thing I stuck with BOB all these years because this is absolutely epic!"

So, now that the BOBclan was alive and well, what to do with it?!?  This is a question that had not been posed to me for a while.  2048 BOB edition was awesome.  We spent a lot of time in servers talking and having fun and gunning each other down, and dueling became a thing.  Let it be known that I have always despised dueling, and rarely did 1v1's before this, but I did it.  So we decided that a tournament was in order!  Sauce and LION and I discussed it, and decided that we should join one or create one. The ICW4 was right around the corner, so we joined and got beat up for two weeks before the end of July, winning only two matches, and staring at elimination in the near future.  But you know something... we were having a ton of fun!  Go BOB!

Seen below are the points of view of the clan on Generation XI:

Klexmer's version of Generation XI can be found here:

Look on Mirky's profile to find his.