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The BOBclan Hall of Fame


Hello and welcome to the BOBclan Hall of Fame. This page is a tribute to members of the clan, past and present, who made a positive difference to the clan, in their time with it.

The Hall of Fame has been cared for by Bobby, Champ, Julius, Sauce and Phantom; as shown below:


BOB.ldr.Bobby    October 18 2008 - Present

    Leadership Duration:  October 2008 - April 2010, September 2011 - May 2012  28 Months

    Diplomat Duration:  June 2011 - August 2011  3 Months 

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Mr. Bob is an awesome guy who started the best clan in the world. He was the first to join the BOBclan (because he created it). He has many names like Mr. Bob, BOB, Bobby and a hell of a lot of others but I can't be bothered to say them all because it will take ages. Mr. Bob is a kind guy because he never insults or says nasty things and he let me write this! YAY!!! Mr. Bob also has many skills in battle; when i met him for the first time in a recruiting server, I got killed loads by him but I troopered and naded him loads back. Thankyou for reading, this isn't a history lesson about the clan. If you want history go on the history page. Bobby left his leader position in April 2010 and remained in the clan as a knight. He was then promoted to Diplomat in June 2011. Following the departure of leaders Alan and Steve, Bobby resumed his leader title in September 2011, before stepping down in May 2012.

Written by Champ


BOB.ldr.Yomama    November 7 2008 - July 11 2011

    Leadership Duration:  December 2008 - January 2009  2 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Yomama was recruited into the clan by Bobby. He became the clan's first active member. Yomama stayed with the clan for several months until eventually leaving on March 25 2009. While in the clan, Yomama recruited BOB.ldr.Chuck Norris. Yomama became the clan's second leader, alongside Bobby, in January 2009. Before joining the BOBclan, Yomama was a member of the Jet7 clan. Yomama's original clan run span from November 2008 to June 2009. After being a member of the 1.2 BOBclan, The BOB Elites, Yomama then left the clan in June 2009. He returned to the clan in June 2011 after a two year absence, to compete in the BOBclan Tournament.

Recruited by Bobby    Written by Bobby


BOB.ldr.Chuck Norris    December 22 2008 - Present

    Leadership Duration:  January 2009 - March 2009  3 Months

    Generations:  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Chuck Norris was recruited into the clan by BOB.ldr.Yomama in November 2008. He gained entry into the clan in December 2008 and became the clan's most active member at the time. Chuck Norris quickly rose up the ranks and became a clan leader during January 2009. He was a very valuable member to the clan after the hacking of the original BOBclan website. Chuck helped Bobby find nearly all of the lost clan members in a matter of two days. Chuck Norris remained active within the clan until leaving on March 11 2009. He returned to BOB to lead the short-lived 1.2 sister clan, the BOB Elites. Chuck rejoined BOB several times over the next couple of years, his most recent return to the clan being in May 2011. Chuck has always remained a friend to the clan and its members, despite some disagreements along the way.  Chuck decided to stop playing in August 2011 along with many other greats on this page.  In May 2014, with the founding of GameMaster, Chuck rejoined the clan with many other players.  Phantom knew he couldn't stay away forever.

Recruited by Yomama    Written by Bobby and Phantom


BOB.ldr.Flavio    January 10 2009 - August 26 2011

    Leadership Duration:  March 2009 - July 2009  5 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Flavio was recruited into the clan by Bobby during the start of the second generation of the clan in January 2009. He was recruited along with Champ, Metal, 99pie and Monkey. These members, along with Chuck Norris, became the first active group of the clan, introducing regular training servers. Flavio was perhaps the most active clan member when joining. He favoured the pilot class and was a master at the rebel pilot, which is a difficult unit and is hated by many players. Flavio became the clan's fourth leader after the first departure of BOBclan leader Chuck Norris. Flavio is responsible for recommending that leaders Rocketo and Venray receive their well deserved promotions, as well as the creation of the much-loved rank, terminator (or term.). Flavio finally left the clan on July 2 2009 after five months of leading, the longest leadership term, other than Bobby, at the time. Flavio returned to the clan in June 2011 after an absence of nearly two years.

Recruited by Bobby    Written by Bobby


BOB.ldr.Wedge    October 29 2008 - August 20 2009

    Leadership Duration:  April 2009  1 Month

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Wedge was one of the first BOBclan members and was recruited by Bobby shortly after the clan's creation on October 29 2008. Wedge joined the clan as a commander, the second highest rank at the time. Wedge was at the top of the clan in terms of skill. His abilities with long-range sniping were accurate. Wedge remained active and was then asked to become the clan's fifth leader in April 2009, by Bobby. He accepted the offer and became a clan leader alongside Bobby and Flavio. Wedge, however, was disliked by many clan members for being too cocky with himself. He eventually went inactive, also in April and made a brief return to the clan in the summer of 2009. Wedge is expected to return to the clan soon, to participate in the clan tourney.

Recruited by Bobby    Written by Bobby


BOB.ldr.Monkey    January 7 2009 - September 10 2011

    Leadership Duration:  May 2009 - August 2009  4 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Monkey was recruited into the clan by Bobby, as he was a real life friend of Bobby's. Monkey started playing the game from scratch and was not good at all. After months of hard practice and effort, Monkey developed his gaming skills and soon became a decent player. His improvements led him to earn his Most Improved Award 2010. Monkey became well known within the clan and developed friendships with members such as Champ and Metal. Monkey also became skilled at using nades in combat and also became talented with the imperial pilot class, following in the footsteps of former leader Flavio. Monkey slowly began to fade away in summer 2010 due to other commitments, making his final appearance in the clan in September 2011. Monkey was an integrated member of the original BOBclan and he will be missed.

Recruited by Bobby    Written by Bobby


BOB.ldr.Venray    February 18 2009 - September 17 2009

    Leadership Duration:  June 2009 - July 2009  2 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Venray requested membership in the BOBclan in February 2009 and so leaders Bobby and Chuck Norris accepted her proposal. Venray steadily rose up the ranks until becoming a leader in June 2009, after the second departure of Chuck Norris. Venray does not receive the positive credit that she deserved as a leader. Venray was a very active member and was very good at becoming friends with new recruits. Venray saved the clan from its diminish in May 2009, when she recruited many new and active members into the clan. Venray should be praised for recruiting BOBclan leaders Alan, Rocketo and Steve. Venray stepped down from her position as a leader in July 2009 upon hearing that Flavio had left the clan. She then remained a member of the BOBclan for a short while longer until leaving the clan for good on September 17 2009. Venray has not been seen in game or on the site since.

Recruited by Bobby and Chuck Norris    Written by Bobby


BOB.ldr.Rocketo    April 4 2009 - June 8 2010

    Leadership Duration:  July 2009 - September 2009  3 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Bobby and Venray recruited Rocketo on April 4 2009. He was recruited in the same server as Steve. Rocketo stayed quiet in the clan until becoming extremely active in June 2009. Flavio recommended that Rocketo should become a clan leader and he was promoted at the start of July, days after Flavio's exit. Rocketo's level of skill was brilliant and he trained Alan, Bobby and Sparrow, helping them improve in all forms of Star Wars Battlefront combat. Rocketo stayed very active until disappearing in August 2009. Alan was made a temporary leader until he returned. Rocketo did indeed return in late July but disappeared once again at the end of September 2009. He then made brief returns to the clan over the next year, his final return being on June 8 2010. Rocketo should be remembered with the respect and admiration that he deserved.

Recruited by Bobby and Venray    Written by Bobby


BOB.ldr.Alan    May 10 2009 - November 18 2013

    Leadership Duration:  August 2009 - August 2011   25 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Venray recruited Alan on May 10 2009. Alan joined the clan at a moderately skilled level. His abilities with long-range sniper combat were of a high standard. After some training from Bobby and Rocketo, Alan's skills progressed further and he mastered close-range combat also. Since the moment Alan joined the clan, he brought a happy, fun attitude to the game. Alan has earned various BOBclan Awards for his contributions to the clan as a member and a leader. Alan became well known for his use of exclamation marks and question marks, example: !! and ?!?. During the absense of leaders Bobby, Flavio, Venray and Rocketo in summer 2009, Alan was offered the chance to become a temporary leader until their return. He fitted in to the role perfectly. As Alan was much liked by members of the BOBclan and other clans of the game, he was looked up to by all. Alan's gameplay is always fair and accurate. He is one of the most valued members of the clan. Alan eventually left the clan in August 2011, after a leadership term of nearly two years.  Alan rejoined the clan in July 2012 and made his final appearance to date in November 2013.

Recruited by Flavio and Venray    Written by Bobby


BOB.ldr.Sauce    August 18 2009 - October 31 2014 (on leave)

    Leadership Duration:  May 2014 - October 2014  6 months

    Diplomat Duration:  November 2009 - December 2010,  January 2014 - April 2014  18 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Sauce, then known as Sauce Pan, was recruited by SLAYER in the summer of 2009 at the peak of the clan's third generation. Sauce steadily rose up the ranks due to improvements with skills and activity. Sauce developed his team skills and was a valued long range sniper. Sauce's main attack points were from his own Command Post, enabling him to fire in on the enemy Command posts. Sauce remained active and loyal over the next few months and even began to host a daily training server for all clan members to join and enjoy. Sauce became part of the third generation of clan members, along with Tsunade and Lance. Sauce's loyalties led Alan and Bobby to decide that a clan Diplomat would be needed. As Sauce's relationship with other clans were good, the Diplomat rank was introduced for him, a rank that he mastered. Sauce was responsible for arranging most of the wars taken place across 2009 - 2010. The fact that the clan won their wars was due to Sauce's preparations and careful selection of participants. Sauce will always be a valued clan member.  Sauce rejoined the clan as Diplomat in January 2014 after a 3 year absence.  Sauce's dedication to the clan over the years led him to be promoted to leader in May 2014, and he is only the second person in the history of the clan to be both a Diplomat and a Leader (the other is Bobby). Sauce departed the clan for an extended leave of absence in October 2014.

Recruited by SLAYER    Written by Bobby and Phantom


BOB.ldr.Steve    April 4 2009 - August 29 2011

    Leadership Duration:  December 2009 - January 2010,  April 2010 - August 2011  19 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

The same day that Rocketo was recruited, Steve joined the clan. He was discovered by Bobby and Venray, who had made a recruitment server in order to find new members. Steve (then known as Predator Steve) showed a keen interest in joining the clan. Steve visited the site and then decided against joining the clan. He was then not seen for several months. In summer 2009, Steve returned to the clan as a full-time member, as he has been ever since. Steve is skilled in the sniper class and has truly mastered long-range sniping. Steve was active and friendly in summer 2009. This led to Alan and Bobby's decision to make Steve a clan leader in December 2009. During January 2010, Steve experienced problems with his Star Wars: Battlefront game and stepped down as a clan leader until his game would work once more. This sacrifice was just one of the many noble choices Steve made while being a leader of the clan. Steve is well-known for having strong diplomatic relationships with other clans, notably the Night Jumper Clan [NJ] and The PRO Clan. Steve returned to being a leader in April 2010 and has remained so since. Steve is keen to advise new members on how they can improve and has been responsible for recruiting many members in to the clan. Steve left in August 2011 after being a member for more than 2 years.

Recruited by Bobby and Venray    Written by Bobby


BOB.ldr.Tsunade    August 1 2009 - October 29 2010

    Leadership Duration:  February 2010 - June 2010  5 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Tsunade joined the clan on August 1 2009 during the clan's peak. Tsunade was recruited by Sparrow and became an active member from the start. Tsunade was one of the few BOBclan leaders with real character, she was able to befriend nearly every member in the clan and gain respect at the same time. Tsunade attended training servers almost daily and began friendships with Rapist and Lance. Sadly, Rapist's time was short in the clan. His departure did not affect Tsunade's activity with the clan though. Tsunade continued her friendship with Lance and the two members remained active and strong alongside one another. Both members rose up the ranks together. Tsunade became a clan leader in February 2010, following Steve's announcement that he would be stuck on the 1.2 version of the game for some time. Tsunade stayed as a clan leader for five months until becoming inactive in June. Tsunade returned to the clan occasionally following her inactivity, her last return being October 29 2010.

Recruited by Sparrow    Written by Bobby


BOB.ldr.Metal    January 11 2009 - February 6 2011

    Leadership Duration:  March 2010  1 Month

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Metal joined the clan on January 11 2009 at the time of the clan's first growth. This was the start of the clan's second generation. Metal, along with Champ, Flavio, Monkey and 99pie, joined Bobby and Chuck Norris on frequently hosted training servers. Metal was well-known for his random sayings and particularly strange stories that were simply developed in the moment. Metal was an active member of the clan until disappearing in April 2009. To everyone's delight, Metal returned to the clan in December 2009 and improved his gameplay very quickly. Metal gained respect from members of the clan and other clans and was able to become friendly with just about anyone (apart from Wedge, lol). Metal was well known for his sniping skills, which gradually improved over time until becoming very accurate. Metal was a clan leader for one month in March 2010, a role that he stepped down from. He then invented his own rank of spoon. Metal is also a talented YouTube video designer. After being in the clan for more than two years, Metal was last seen on February 6 2011.

Recruited by Bobby    Written by Bobby


BOB.dpm.Julius    October 11 2009 - Present

    Diplomat Duration:  July 2010 - August 2011  14 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Julius was recruited by Sauce as Che on the 1.2 version of the game. After moving to 1.0, Che changed his name to Julius and quickly began to make a good name for himself there. Already a talented player of the game, Julius learnt various skills off other members of the clan. Julius became an active and very skilled member over a short space of time. Julius became the clan's second diplomat in July 2010 due to Sauce's inactivity. Clan leaders Alan, Bobby and Steve realised that having two diplomats was a more reliable option than having one, as when one diplomat was away, there would be another to take over. Julius is a talented sniper and is generally skilled in most classes of the game. He is a fair player and is known for his politeness and team-playing attitude. In summer 2010, Julius assisted Alan and Phantom in the creation of a large inter-clan experience, the Big Clan War, or BcW. Julius' contributions as a diplomat have been very good. Since Sauce's inactivity, Julius became the only diplomat of the BOBclan. Julius decided to leave the clan in August 2011 after nearly two years as a member.  Julius rejoined the clan in February 2014 at the rank of Terminator.

Recruited by Sauce    Written by Bobby


BOB.ldr.Lance    September 1 2009 - April 2011

    Leadership Duration:  July 2010 - December 2010  6 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Lance joined the BOBclan after being recruited by Chuck Norris in September 2009. Upon becoming a clan member, Lance began a friendship with Tsunade. The pair trained together and both rose up the ranks, eventually becoming leaders. After being a clan member for nearly a year, Lance was promoted to leader. His sniping abilities progressed with his time in the clan. Lance's technique of being a skilled long-range sniper have been noticed by many clan members. Lance has always been a cheerful member of the clan. After a stint of inactivity from December 2010, due to other commitments, Lance was not seen regularly until April 2011. Lance made the decision to step down as a clan leader, leaving a position open to a future leader. Lance has since stayed in the clan, taking the Knight rank. Lance promised to return to the clan in future, a promise that remains open to this day.

Recruited by Chuck Norris    Written by Bobby 


BOB.ldr.Phantom    February 23 2010 - Present

    Leadership Duration:  September 2010 - December 2017  87 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

Phantom was a former member of the {WAR}clan and joined BOB when his old clan closed down. Phantom, already being a talented and skilled member he rose the ranks pretty fast. Less than a year later he was promoted to a leader. He fit the rank perfectly. Phantom was really active in the clan right after his recruitment and stayed so till now. He is skilled with most classes of the game and especially the sniper and bazooka class. He also participated in many training servers. He is likes by most clan members and other clan members because of his friendly and kind attitude. Along with Alan and Julius, he organised the Big clan War, an inter-clan event, with the creation of the BcW website, where the wars were organised. Phantom's help to the clan earned him the Most Valuable Newcomer 2010 Award. Since his induction to clan leader in September 2010, Phantom has remained loyal to the clan, staying with it through its days of inactivity and later bringing the clan to its peak. In Summer 2014, Phantom, alongside LION and Sauce, introduced the BOBclan tournament to SWBF. Because of Phantom's loyal efforts to this clan, BOB has stayed one of the greatest clans that Star Wars Battlefront has ever seen. During the time period of early 2013 through early 2014, Phantom was that one bright light that kept shining when it seemed BOB's legacy was fastly dimming and dimming. Phantom is the reason that BOB stayed alive, I know that I (Sauce) would not of have rejoined BOB if he wasn't still there. Here we are now, in October of 2014 with a growing clan with new members that may of have never been. BOB will forever be grateful for Phantom, thank you.

Recruited by Alan    Written by Bobby and Julius and Sauce

BOB.ldr.KinN    April 2 2010 - September 29 2012

    Leadership Duration:  May 2011 - September 2012  16 Months

   Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII IX  X  XI  XII

KinN was recruited in the clan by Steve in April 2010. He was a very skilled and talented member right from the start and he rose the rank really fast and in less than a few months he was promoted to the sir rank. While in the clan, he began a friendship with TheCat. After some time, KinN left with TheCat in order to create his own clan, the -=]ST[=-clan. The clan didn't go as well as KinN expected, so after a few months (April 2011) he returned to the BOBclan to his old rank. Lance's inactivity and demotion to Sir made the BOBclan leadership looking for someone to take his place. Among the Knights of the clan, KinN was the one who was promoted to a leader in May 2011. KinN is a fair player and skilled with many classes of the game, but especially the sniper class, as most BOBmembers. KinN is hoped to stay in the clan for a long time as his contributions as a leader have been very good.  He kept the clan active by holding servers and kept good relations with other clans in the game.  KinN left the clan on September 29, 2012, after a dispute with another clan and the leadership.

Recruited by Steve   Written by Julius 

BOB.ldr.DarkR    July 15 2010 - November 18 2012

    Leadership Duration:  November 2011 - November 2012  13 Months

    Generations: I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII

DarkRobin joined the BOBclan during the Summer of 2010, during one of the latest surges of BOBclan activity.  DarkR's activity and skill were noticed by the leaders quickly, and he rose the ranks at a good pace.  He is very skilled with the sniper class and adept at most other classes.  With the departure of Leaders Alan and Steve, DarkR was the best choice for Leader and was promoted at the start of November. Since, he has been active and stayed so until his game cd was lost.  He is looking for another one currently. DarkR left the clan in November 2012. It is unknown whether he will return in future.

Recruited by Alan    Written by Phantom


BOB.ldr.East    January 10 2012 - November 15 2012

    Leadership Duration:  May 2012 - November 2012  7 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI XII

East joined the clan in January 2012.  He was extremely skilled when he joined the clan, and was well-known on 1.2 (under a different name).  East contributed right away, especially when a 1.2 branch of BOB was headed up right after he joined.  He participated in many small clan battles, and always had a great score, even when we lost.  When the 1.2 branch disbanded, East still played on 1.0.  His skill with a sniper and diplomacy earned him the leader rank in May 2012.  East was moved to the retired list in November 2012, when he stopped playing due to inactivity and also the Gamespy shutdown.

Recruited by Phantom  Written by Phantom 


BOB.ldr.LION    November 28 2009 - Present

    Leadership Duration:  November 2012 - December 2017  61 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI XII

LION was welcomed into the BOBclan towards the end of its third Generation and was made a clan leader three years later. He joined the clan at a moderately skilled in game level, skills that would be improved over his years of playing the game. Known for his overwhelmingly enthusiastic and energetic nature, LION became a true credit to the clan and has always been one of its most loyal members. Since his induction into the BOBclan leadership in 2012, LION has assisted his fellow leaders in bringing the clan out of inactivity and once more a tentpole clan in the Star Wars: Battlefront community. Although over the years LION has had disputes with members of the clan and indeed members of other clans, his heart will always remain loyal to BOB. His contributions to the clan's growth will not be forgotten, as the clan would not have been able to strive, maintaining a fun community for all its members, without his insuppressible loyalty to the BOBclan. LION worked alongside Phantom and Sauce, to bring the clan its very first tournament.

Recruited by Alan and Steve    Written by Bobby


BOB.ldr.Norwood/Mirkwood   April 16 2014 - Present

    Leadership Duration:  November 2014 - December 2017  37 Months

    Generations:  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI XII

Norwood joined the clan during the last, and probably most improbable, surge in BOBclan activity.  Norwood's activity ingame and also on the BOBclan website in a sparse field of Battlefronters stuck out to the leadership (Phantom, Sauce, LION).  Norwood rose up the ranks quickly, and made many friends in the clan and helped keep us on the map.  Along with Astro and Klexmer, Norwood ushered in what I like to call the "Rebirth of BOB".  When Sauce was planning his extended leave of absence in October 2014, Norwood was the unanimous decision to become the next leader.  Norwood took on the position, and has fit in perfectly, leading the clan into battles and also being an excellent negotiator with other clans.  He has also added many instances of humor to the BOBclan website.

Recruited by Astro   Written by Phantom