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This page has long needed an update, so I will begin updating this page soon. It may be a mess for a bit so please be patient. Also I should note it is not my intention to remove any info from this page! I will merely be adding new info so that all the players of Battlefront will have a better sense of our current relations with other clans. - Mirky

Clans of Star Wars Battlefront [1.0]

Last Updated By: BOB.ldr.~LION~ on the 10th April 2014

This Page is a document of the last clans for the 1.0 version of the game. These clans have all since moved to the 1.2 version. The table below lists the current 1.0 clans whose websites feature activity we have noticed within the last few months. There are no longer any clans in the 1.2 version of the game, but these clans often play 1.0 style in the 1.2 version of the game.

 Clan Name WebsiteStatus
 Army of Thunder (A.T.) (2009- )Showing Occasional Activity
 BOB (BOB) (2008- ) Check Our Guestbook As We Are Active

 PRO ~}PRO{~ (2010- )Guestbook Active But Clan Inactive
Sniper clan {snp}  (2010- )

Showing Some Minor Activity

Current Clans of SWBF 1 and Their Relations to BOB.

(Still Under Construction)

Here is a rough draft list: The respective status of each clan is not yet set in stone: (Subject to Change)

{Alpha} The Alpha Clan (Allies) -

The BOBclan has had very amicable relations with Alpha recently which has led to an Alliance with Alpha. May the good relations continue!

{snp} The Sniper Clan (Allies) -

The Sniper Clan and BOB go way back both were some of the last clans to play on the 1.0 version of Battlefront. They are our longest standing allies.

[FC] The Freelancer Consortium (Friendly/Neutral) -

Despite a bumpy history, relations between FC and BOB have been good lately. 

{212} The 212th Attack Battalion (Friendly) -

The Relation with the 212th clan have been very good lately.

{PLA} Perfect Little Angels (Friendly/Neutral) -

The PLA clan is currently official disbanded but many PLA members can be found in the game, and they still host many servers.

~PFA~ Peoples Federation Alliance (Friendly) -

The PFA clan is a fairly successful clan for this late period in the game. And they have remain very friendly to BOB.

{TcF} Tactical Commando Force (Friendly) -

The TcF clan and BOB have had little interaction until lately, but all relations have been friendly.

{U.E.F} Unleashed Elemental Forces (Friendly/Neutral) -

The U.E.F clan has had good relations with BOB.

{GRC} Grand Republic Commandoes (Friendly) - Inactive Clan -

The GRC clan has become inactive recently, but was very friendly to BOB.

{GGR} Grand Galactic Republic (Friendly/Neutral) -

The GGR clan is good friends with BOB.

BW. The Black Warriors (Friendly) -

The BW clan is a small but very friendly clan.

WgT. Worlds Greatest Trooper (Friendly) -

Recently Reborn, WgT has had good relations with BOB.

=AaTc= American Army Training Corps. (Friendly) -

Another Reborn clan, AaTc is another smaller, but very friendly clan.

Future Clans of EA SWBF Reboot (2015)


 Clan Name



 Havoc Squad


Solo Elite




Other Clans of Star Wars: Battlefront [1.2]

  Clan Name




Brotherhood of Warriors (BW)

Complete Power {Cp^}


Cube =[CUBE]=

Freelancer Consortium [FC]

Fire {Fire}

Flames Desire (FD)

Galactic Replublic (GR)




Legend French Gamers ~LFG~


Noob Owners /(No)\


The Devils Rejects (TDR)

The '21st century

The Legacy =|.T.L.|=

Valiant Soldiers (VS)


War Survivors

World's Infantry Paltoon


World's Ultimate Sniper Infantry (WUSI)

  Website (2010-2011) (2010-) (2010- ) (2009- ) (2009- )

 No website known ) (2010- ) (2010- ) (2009- ) (2008- ) (2007- )

 No website known (2010- ) (2010- ) (2010- ) (2009- ) (2009- ) (2008- ) (2010- ) (2009- ) (2006- ) (2010- ) (2009- ) (2010- ) (2005-2007, 2009- ) (2006- ) 

Members' Websites

  Member's name


Ex. BOB.ldr.Chuck

Ex. BOB.ldr.Flavio

  Ex. BOB.term.HGHG


2on2 tournament




Former Clans

  Clan Name


Battle-front Crew (BFC)

BLAZE (blaze)

Commando Troopers [CT]

 Complete Power {Cp^}

Death Bringers (DB)



Elite Sniper Force (EsF)


Finland (FIN)

Food (food)

Freelancer Consortium (part I) (FC)


Freelancer Consortium (part II) (FC)

Flames Desire [1.0] (FD)


Flaming War

FREZ (part I)

FREZ (part II)





Metal (Metal)

 National Sniper Agency NSA

Nazi Killers (NK)

Night Jumper [NJ]

Noob Owners -=(No)=-


Renegade Snipers (part I) (RS)

Renegade Snipers (part II) (RS)


The Sith Lord clan (SL)

Scandinavian Snipers (=SS=)

Scout Troopers -=]St[=-

Secret Snipers (SS) 

  Sirion Avi Serpent (SvS)

Sniz ($NI!Z)

The BOB Elites (BE)

The Wild (W)




Veterans (=vets=)


War Survivors [1.0] (WS)

World's Untimate SNiper Infantry 1.0 (WUSI)


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