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 Last Updated By: BOB.ldr.Mirky on June 12, 2015.

Xfire has Shutdown, June 12, 2015.

I regret to have to be the one to have to say this here, but Xfire has shutdown. We are no longer able to communicate using that method. Because of the shutdown we are going to lose contact with a lot of older members who are no longer active. It is even more important now that you tell us your contact info so we can add it to our list. - Mirky

Pre-note by Lion: It has been over half a decade since the founding of this clan and it is with deep regret that we have seen many come and pass, leaving little trace of their whereabouts. As a consequence it has been inevitable that we have lost contact with many of our members.

     This page was something I had thought about back in 2011, having guessed that a loss of contact with members would occur. It is regrettable that I was not able to develop such a page back then, but nevertheless here we are on this page ready to document ourselves so that we can forever be The BOBclan.

      I urge to you to add your name to this list! You can do so by posting on our guestbook:

Website/Programme e.g.(Twitter, Steam, X-Fire, League of Legends):

Username: Your Username

Server (If needed): 


X-Fire (Closing 6/12/15)

Alan's: elkoz 

KinN's: dnkkinn 

Steve's: predatorsteve61

Phantom's: phantom567459

DarkR's: darkrobin13

East's: cybzap

Julius': bobjulius

Sauce's: saucepan52

Ben83's: bbthebb

Chuck Norris': theganstabeast

Codi's: nedelin53

Dynasty's: dynasty97

Fire20's: fdldrfire20 

KiA's: 555kiamotors 


Rev's: iimortal

Remix's: dhuumbro

Norwood: norwood96

Klexmer: Klexmer

Bream: 4lbbream

Battlefield: battlefield0145

Tsunade: vieiratsu

HGHG: hghg179

LION: aaranlion

Red Robin Hood: *


Norwood: danielsfarm96

LION: aaranprasher

Remix: aedox

Phantom: phantom567459

Red Robin Hood: *


Norwood: PatriotNorwood (Technical issues, so you can't add me.)

Phantom: He's pretty sure it's phantom567459


Norwood: patriotnorwood 

Red Robin Hood: *

Phantom: Contact Phantom for his Skype 

League of Legends

If you are playing LoL your CrAzY! (Just Kidding!) But, seriously isn't Battlefront so much better?!?  Phantom plays The Old Republic.  He has never touched League of Legends and doesn't plan to ever.

* Red Robin Hood asked us to note that he does have Xfire, Steam, and Skype, but if you want his contact info you will have to ask him.