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Tradition Never Ends

The BOBclan Awards

The BOBclan Awards are an annual event to praise the most exceptional clan members of the year. The awards are presented by current clan leaders and vary slightly from year to year. This page displays all of the past BOBclan Award winners, as well as the awards that are waiting to be won this year...

    The BOBclan Awards 2008 by Bobby    Total Awards 4

    The BOBclan Awards 2009 by Bobby    Total Awards 10

    The BOBclan Awards 2010 by Alan and Bobby    Total Awards 9

     The BOBclan Awards 2011 by Phantom    Total Awards 10

    The BOBclan Awards 2013-2014 by LION     Total Awards 8 

    The BOBClan Award For Forever by Phantom

*Awards will be announced throughout the year. Additional Awards may be given.

All ranks alongside the clan members' names were the rank that they wore when given the award. Nominees show the Members who were considered for the respective award but eventually lost out to the winner.

Complete List of BOBclan Awards

  • Most Active Member (2008 - 2011)
  • Most Skilled Member (2008 - 2011)
  • Most Friendly Member (2008 - 2011)
  • Most Improved Member (2008 - 2014)
  • Most Loyal Member (2009 - 2014)
  • Most Unstoppable Member (2009)
  • Most Charismatic Member (2009)
  • Most Nooby Member (2009 - 2014)
  • Most Reliable Member (2009)
  • Most Respected Member (2009 - 2011)
  • Most Valuable Newcomer (2010 - 201$)
  • Most Positive Member (2010 - 2011)
  • Most Modest Member (2011)
  • Best Returned Member (2014)
  • Greatest Participation in ICW Competition (2014)
  • Greatest Talent in ICW Competition (2014)

The BOBclan Awards 2008

The following awards were given to the most exceptional members of 2008, which covers Generation I.

Most Active Member - BOB.cpt.Remix

    Nominees:  BOB.lea.Yomama  BOB.cmd.Wedge  BOB.gen.Luk  BOB.cpt.Remix  BOB.sgt.Chuck Norris 

Most Skilled Member - BOB.cmd.Wedge

    Nominees:  BOB.cmd.Wedge  BOB.gen.Luk  BOB.cpt.Murder

Most Friendly Member - BOB.merc.Sharpy

    Nominees:  BOB.cpt.Remix  BOB.cpt.Murder  BOB.pvt.Jeubattle  BOB.merc.Sharpy

Most Improved Member - BOB.sgt.Chuck Norris

    Nominees:  BOB.lea.Yomama  BOB.gen.Luk  BOB.sgt.Chuck Norris

The BOBclan Awards 2008 by Bobby 

The BOBclan Awards 2009

The following awards were given to the most exceptional members of 2009, which covers Generations II and III.

Most Active Member - BOB.sir.Tsunade

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Alan  BOB.ldr.Flavio  BOB.ldr.Venray  BOB.ldr.Rocketo  BOB.dpm.Sauce  BOB.sir.Tsunade

Most Skilled Member - BOB.ldr.Alan

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Alan  BOB.ldr.Chuck Norris  BOB.ldr.Rocketo  BOB.ldr.Venray  BOB.ldr.Wedge 

Most Friendly Member - BOB.dpm.Sauce

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Alan  BOB.ldr.Steve  BOB.dpm.Sauce  BOB.sir.Champ

Most Improved Member -

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Alan  BOB.ldr.Flavio

Most Loyal Member -

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Venray  BOB.ldr.Flavio  BOB.dpm.Sauce  BOB.cpt.Remix

Most Unstoppable Member - BOB.ldr.Steve

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Flavio  BOB.ldr.Rocketo  BOB.ldr.Steve  BOB.sir.Champ

Most Charismatic Member - BOB.sir.Champ

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Alan  BOB.ldr.Venray  BOB.sir.Champ

Most Nooby Member - BOB.sir.Monkey

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Wedge  BOB.sir.Monkey  BOB.exp.Sparky  BOB.merc.Coni$

Most Reliable Member - BOB.ldr.Venray

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Alan  BOB.ldr.Flavio  BOB.ldr.Venray  BOB.dpm.Sauce  BOB.sir.Champ

Most Respected Member - BOB.ldr.Rocketo

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Alan  BOB.ldr.Chuck Norris  BOB.ldr.Flavio  BOB.ldr.Rocketo  BOB.ldr.Steve  BOB.ldr.Venray

The BOBclan Awards 2009 by Bobby 

The BOBclan Awards 2010

The following awards were given to the most exceptional members of 2010, which covers Generation IV, Generation V and the first part of Generation VI.

Most Active Member -

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Alan  BOB.ldr.Metal  BOB.ldr.Steve  BOB.sir.LION  BOB.sir.Dynasty

Most Skilled Member - BOB.sir.Lance

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Metal  BOB.ldr.Steve  BOB.sir.KinN  BOB.dpm.Julius  BOB.dpm.Sauce  BOB.sir.Lance  BOB.sir.Monkey

Most Friendly Member - BOB.dpm.Sauce

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Alan  BOB.ldr.Metal  BOB.dpm.Sauce  BOB.sir.Phantom  BOB.sir.Dynasty  BOB.dpm.Julius

Most Improved Member - BOB.sir.Monkey

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Metal  BOB.dpm.Julius  BOB.sir.Champ  BOB.sir.Dynasty  BOB.sir.LION  BOB.sir.Monkey

Most Loyal Member - BOB.ldr.Alan

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Alan  BOB.ldr.Steve  BOB.ldr.Tsunade  BOB.dpm.Julius

Most Nooby Member -

    Nominees:  BOB.sir.Monkey  BOB.merc.Bunny

Most Respected Member -  BOB.ldr.Steve

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Metal  BOB.ldr.Steve  BOB.sir.Lance

Most Valuable Newcomer - BOB.sir.Phantom

    Nominees:  BOB.sir.Dynasty  BOB.sir.KinN  BOB.sir.Phantom  BOB.dpm.Julius

Most Positive Member - BOB.dpm.Julius

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Metal  BOB.dpm.Julius  BOB.sir.Phantom  BOB.term.IT

The BOBclan Awards 2010 by Alan and Bobby 

The BOBclan Awards 2011

The following awards are to be given to the most exceptional members of 2011, which covers the second part of Generation VI, Generation VII and Generation VIII. 

Most Active Member - BOB.sir.DarkR

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.KinN  BOB.sir.DarkR  BOB.elt.KiA

Most Skilled Member - BOB.merc.Chuck Norris

    Nominees:  BOB.gen.East  BOB.merc.Chuck Norris

Most Friendly Member - BOB.ldr.Steve

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Steve  BOB.ldr.Phantom  BOB.dpm.Bobby

Most Improved Member - BOB.sir.DarkR

    Nominees: BOB.sir.DarkR

Most Loyal Member - BOB.ldr.Bobby

    Nominees: BOB.ldr.Alan BOB.dpm.Julius BOB.ldr.Bobby BOB.sir.Flavio BOB.sir.Champ

Most Nooby Member - BOB.sir.LION

    Nominees: BOB.sir.Lion

Most Respected Member - BOB.ldr.Bobby

    Nominees: BOB.ldr.Alan BOB.ldr.Bobby BOB.dpm.Julius

Most Valuable Newcomer - BOB.cpt.East

    Nominees: BOB.elt.KiA BOB.cpt.East BOB.merc.Shap

Most Positive Member - BOB.ldr.Phantom

    Nominees: BOB.ldr.Phantom BOB.dpm.Julius BOB.merc.Chuck

Most Modest Member - BOB.ldr.Alan/BOB.ldr.Steve

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Alan BOB.ldr.Steve 

The BOBclan Awards 2011 by Phantom  

The BOBclan Awards 2014

The following awards were given to the most exceptional members of 2013-4, which covers Generation VIII, Generation IX and Generation X.

Best Returned Member - BOB.ldr.Sauce

Most Improved Member - BOB.ldr.Sauce

    Nominees: BOB.ldr.Sauce 

Most Loyal Member - BOB.ldr.Phantom

    Nominees: BOB.ldr.Phantom BOB.ldr.Sauce BOB.ldr.LION

Most Nooby Member - BOB.ldr.LION

    Nominees: BOB.ldr.Lion

Most Respected Member - BOB.ldr.Phantom

Most Valuable Newcomer - BOB.term.Klexmer & BOB.term.Astro & 

    Nominees: BOB.term.Klexmer BOB.term.Astro

Greatest Participation in ICW Competition - BOB.ldr.Sauce

     Nominees: BOB.ldr.Sauce BOB.ldr.Phantom & more to come

Greatest Talent in ICW Competition - BOB.ldr.Sauce

     Nominees: BOB.ldr.Sauce BOB.ldr.Phantom & more to come

                                                                               The BOBclan Awards 2014 by LION and Phantom

The BOBclan Award for Forever

Greatest, Awesomest, and Bestest Tower in all of Mos Eisley - BOB.ldr.Phantom

    Nominees:  BOB.ldr.Phantom, BOB.sir.Champ

Let it be known that it wasn't even a contest.  Phantom's Tower pwned Champ's tower all day, every day, even on holidays. Champ may never read this but if he does, my tower wins.  I always killed him from my tower.  He could never get me because he would either fall off or not see me because his tower was dumb.  My tower was optimal for sniping and made Champ's tower wish it could be Phantom's tower.  During our Tea Parties he would always try and beat me at his tower, to no avail.  In fact, the ground killed Champ more than Champ killed Phantom because he kept falling because there really wasn't much room to walk on it.  Phantom's tower pwns.  Remember, this award said tower, not roof.  Alan's roof beat both of us but it was cheating because it was a roof.  Not a tower.