The BOBclan 

Tradition Never Ends



Like a phoenix the Guestbook arose from the flames in late 2020, one of the few good things of 2020.


For those of you who don't know and are still checking this website:

SWBF1 is now available on Steam. The SWBFSpy patch and a shell.lvl edit enables online multiplayer.  The guide is available on Steam (by AnthonyBF2) and SWBFGamers

Get it today and relive your past!


Help us grow the clan, join the Official BOBclan Discord!

Steam group:



Looking to play Battlefront online? Star Wars: Battlefront is back with new servers, mods, maps, clans you name it! SWBFSpy is the way to play online, you can find it and more info about it here:

Come join the BOBclan in this great new era of Battlefront!


~ Messages From Your Leadership ~

Phantom: Check out our Discord server!  Also check out my Twitch where I still play BF1 online and speedrun (" target="_blank">

LION: Meow!  I'm just a poor kitty, please feed me.  Also, I'm the least active person on the Discord!

 Sauce: I get owned by Phantom on Multiplayer Mondays, but that's ok!

Mirky: You can still find me on our BOBclan Discord when I'm not watching Rainbow Six Siege!  Once in a while I even hop ingame!


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Reply Optornern
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4:46 AM on February 1, 2023 
We offer same day weed delivery for those in the Toronto area, a legal delivery in yout area. Our service is designed to provide convenient and fast access to high-quality cannabis products. Whether you’re looking for same day delivery of flowers, edibles concentrates, or other cannabis products, we’ve got you covered.
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Online Order
Our easy online ordering system and trained and reliable delivery drivers make it easy for you to get your cannabis products quickly and discreetly. Its a legal to ordering weed. Plus, with our extensive product selection and competitive prices, you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money. So if you’re in Toronto and need same day cannabis delivery, check out our website and place your order today!
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The pace of life in Toronto might be busy, but soon you’ll be able to unwind and get some marijuana. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to place an order immediately and receive our goods at your door? You won’t need to wait or leave the house to get your cannabis items. You’ll enjoy cannabis 24 hours near me, with online ordering open 24/7. We will give it to you on the day that you need it. In addition, we’ll arrange for marijuana to be delivered straight to your house, so you can easily cross that extra task off your list! That is especially helpful now that there is a coronavirus outbreak since you can quickly get your marijuana delivered to your door.
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Order now!
Whether you are a tourist or a local looking for a professional weed delivery service, look no further. 24/7 weed delivery is the top choice in Toronto for a variety of reasons. Our customers know we offer exceptional service and unmatched cannabis knowledge. Right now we’re delivering our huge product line, including a massive variety of edibles, THC-infused drinks, tinctures, concentrates, vape cartridges, pods, CBD products and pre-rolls. Everything is available for speedy delivery 24/7.
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How to Order Weed Delivery Toronto
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Hello there! Start by creating an account on our registration page if you are a new user. Visit the Shop portion of cannabis delivery toronto website once we have validated your account. In the top-right corner of the website, add premium marijuana flowers, pre-rolls, CBD, concentrates, vapes, edibles, concentrates, and accessories. Then choose View Cart or Checkout.
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Fill up your shipping details at the checkout and pick “COD – Cash on Delivery” or “Email Money Transfer” to make a safe payment. Don’t forget to consent to the Terms & Conditions. Lastly, send in your order.
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Important information about payment will be shown on the next screen. If you don’t read this attentively and provide us these information with your money, we won’t be able to process your transaction. Your payment will be verified via email from us. then simply wait for your order to arrive and have pleasure! Learn more -
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The only delivery service that will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. Weed delivery that’ll have you saying, I can’t believe it’s not illegal! We offer the most popular varieties of weed! We Create One Of The Best Products On The Market In Toronto And Mississauga, It's Not Us Talking, It's The Customers. Weed delivery is a service that allows people to have marijuana products delivered to their doorstep. This can be a convenient option for those who are unable to visit a dispensary in person or for those who prefer the convenience of having their products delivered to them. There are a variety of marijuana products available for delivery, including flowers, concentrates, edibles, and more. Customers can browse and order from a selection of products online and then have their order delivered to them by a weed delivery service. Get more information
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The availability of both medicinal and recreational cannabis has been significantly altered by legalization. The days of having to wait around for a text from a buddy of a friend are long gone. Residents of Vaughan now have access to an enormous supply of high-quality cannabis products with a huge variety that was before unavailable to customers. Therefore, what makes a same-day cannabis delivery service preferable to a trip to your neighbourhood dispensary? There are a few major benefits: Same-Day Delivery of Weed Most suppliers at least provide same-day delivery. However, if you choose a local supplier, you may get your marijuana delivered in Vaughan in as little as 2 hours. Without lengthy waits, you may obtain the selection of a major mail order chain. Read more -
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A HIGH-GRADE CANNABIS-SPECIFIC ONLINE DISPENSARY IS MISSISSAUGA WEED DELIVER. We aim to deliver goods and services that are reliable, efficient, quick, and of high quality. We specialize in Same Day Weed Delivery & Mail Order Marijuana. We provide the most incredible assortment of cannabis strains, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and CBD products, all of which are of the highest quality. When purchasing marijuana online in Canada, we hold our partners to the most excellent standards. As a result, you may be confident that you are getting Canadian cannabis of the most outstanding calibre. When you get marijuana online or get same-day delivery, all items are transported or delivered in high-quality cannabis-discreet packaging. And our customer service team makes sure you are informed about your local and mail-order marijuana deliveries!
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Welcome to our online cannabis delivery service in Toronto! We know that finding the right place to buy weed can be a challenge, but with us, you can easily order high-quality marijuana from the comfort of your own home. Health Canada: This is the federal department responsible for managing public health in Canada. Our fast and reliable weed delivery service ensures that you receive your order within hours, so you never have to go without your favorite strains. Whether you need a quick fix for the evening or want to stock up for the week, we’ve got you covered. Our wide selection of cannabis products includes everything from classic strains to the latest trends, all at competitive prices. Plus, with our 24 hour weed delivery option, you can get your fix anytime, day or night. Don’t hesitate, try us out today and experience the convenience of having weed delivered right to your doorstep! Interesting Facts - Marijuana. How to use - Growing marijuana at home - Marijuana in Canada -
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