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Tradition Never Ends

Welcome to the BOBclan 

  Hello and welcome to the Star Wars: Battlefront clan, The BOBclan. The clan was created on October 18 2008 and has been an active and friendly clan within Star Wars: Battlefront since. We hope that you enjoy your time visiting the official website of the BOBclan.

If you are a new member, please read the CLAN RULES (below) and sign the GUESTBOOK. It is advised that you create a SITE PROFILE too. If you are not currently a member of the clan but you wish to join, you may request a Tryout in the GUESTBOOK. If you are a returning clan member, please be aware that if you were inactive, your name is now on the Retired Members page. Please declare your return on the guestbook and you will be restored to the current Members page.

As of September 2014, the clan is currently in its twelfth generation (Generation XII). 

If you are a former member of the clan and would like to rejoin, please post in the guestbook. If you are visiting from another clan feel free to post on our guestbook as well. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Thank you.

For the Official Tournament site of the BOB clan, vist this site  

Thank you, the BOBclan leadership.

BOB.ldr.Phantom    BOB.ldr.Sauce    BOB.noob.LION    BOB.ldr.Mirky


Photos provided by BOB Originals

Clan Rules

The following is a list of rules that all BOBclan members are expected to follow

(1) Multi-clanning is not allowed, as it weakens the clan.

(2) All members must show respect for other members and players (not just the leaders).

(3) Members must be as active as they can and post in the Guestbook as frequently as possible.

(4) No-one should request a promotion, and they will be awarded when the promoter sees ready.

(5) The leaders are the only members who know the site pass, and it must stay that way.

(6) New leaders can only be inducted by the BOBclan leadership.

(7) All new recruits must post in the site before being added to the members page.

(8) Have fun but be serious about your role as a member of the BOBclan.

(9) Leaders and Diplomats are the ONLY members who can approve or deny an Alliance with another clan unless a vote is called for by the clan.

If these rules are disobeyed or under question by ANY member of this clan, the Leadership (except for if a Leader is under question, then the other members of Leadership will decide with help from the clan) will decide the punishment, if any is necessary. It can be anything from a warning, to a month's suspension from being promoted or a demotion or removal from BOB servers, to a permanent removal from the clan. 

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